Color Doppler Course in Obstetrics & GYNAECOLOGY 26-27 November 2015


The Largest Ultrasound Training Organization in the Middle East brings you Certificate Course in Vascular Ultrasound.
This course is designed as an entrance level course on the application of duplex, pulsed wave and color doppler techniques in the investigation of the abdominal, carotid, upper and lower limb arteries, DVT and superficial venous incompetence

The course is designed for physicians, radiologists, vascular surgeons, sonographers or technicians who wish to gain an understanding of the basic principles of vascular ultrasound scanning

Topics covered in Clinical Lectures

  • Normal vasculature and variants
  • Examination protocols
  • Diagnostic criteria
  • Common pathologies and case studies
  • Pitfalls in interpretation

There will also be practical hands-on workshops using volunteers or real patients and a range of ultrasound systems in small guided groups

IBC Pioneers the use of revolutionary Simulator in Ultrasound Training in the GCC region, becomes the 1st company in the region to acquire the world’s most modern and State-of-the-art Ultrasound Simulator
Becoming the first ever medical training provider in the GCC Region to use such high-tech simulators. The Simulator which facilitates trailblazing ultrasound scanning is a – virtual reality based ‘real feel’ ultrasound-trainer that enables trainees, of any level, to literally feel what they see on the computer screen in order to develop the complex mix of cognitive skills & eye-hand coordination required to learn all the key ultrasound scanning skills.

IBC Invests AED 1 million on the world’s most modern & state of the art simulator for ultrasound training


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