what makes our simulators world class?



Dr. Veronika Frisova, PhD, MD

Prof. Nazar Amso, Phd, FRCOG



ScanTutor takes simulation-based ultrasound learning to a new level by replicating the Gold Standard training practice of one-on-one expert tuition.

learning resources

A range of pre-practice teaching resources includes expert videos for each assignment, scanning technique schematics, references, and notes on common variants.


practice with an expert

ScanTrainer has two training modes:

‘Guided Practice’ mode allows trainees to watch and replicate an expert’s scanning skills by following an expert video of them performing the scan on screen as they scan.

feature-pic-scantutor-03‘Supported Practice’ mode, where the new ScanTutor ‘expert’ provides real-time, on-screen visual guidance whilst the trainee scans the real patient ultrasound images, guiding trainees through both basic and complex tasks.



Finally trainees are assessed in ‘Assessment’ mode where all expert guidance is deactivated and the trainees are on their own. Trainees are provided with feedback using Scan Trainer’s unique Learning Management System which passes/fails each task according to gold standard metrics.


IBC Invests AED 1 million on the world’s most modern & state of the art simulator for ultrasound training & another half million on IVF!

IBC Medical Services recently conducted the Advanced Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ultrasound and 3D-4D Ultrasound courses launching the World’s most modern and State of the art simulator.

Becoming the first ever medical training provider in the GCC Region to use such high-tech simulators. The Simulator which facilitates trailblazing ultrasound scanning is a – virtual reality based ‘real feel’ ultrasound-trainer that enables trainees, of any level, to literally feel what they see on the computer screen in order to develop the complex mix of cognitive skills & eye-hand coordination required to learn all the key ultrasound scanning skills.

It helps relieve the pressure on trainers and equipment by expediting skills acquisition and increasing trainees’ competency prior to hands on patient contact. The realistic scanning experience allows trainees to practice and learn on real patient scans, with expert videos, on-screen guidance and real-time feedback.


  • Real Full Anatomy Scan
  • Practice & Increase your Competence in Ultrasonography
  • Use the most updated & Advance Ultrasound-Simulator
  • Experience the virtual reality based “real feel” ultrasound trainer
  • On-Screen Guidance and Real-Time Feedback
  • Full skill performance assesment with Certification
  • Real full Haptic Technology
  • Full Assistance all throughout the Session
  • Full Access to Simulator Machines & Equipments

Note: We provide Certificate of Completion per Module
Registration Download Flyer Course Program


  • Only Simulation Center in MENA region having Eight Towers
  • Practice on Mannequines
  • Towers available for Self-Training Purpose
  • Practice on Specimen
  • Get Techinical Assitance throughout Simulation
  • Full Access to Instruments
  • Free Animal Specimen
  • Free 5 Sutres
  • Practice and Master your skills

Note: AED 50 Discount for the first 3 hours, AED 80 for each succeeding hour
Registration Download Flyer


  • Practice & enhance your Egg Collection Technique
  • Use the most updated & Advance Simulator Machine
  • Get Techinical Assitance throughout Simulation
  • Full Access to Instruments
  • Practice and Master your skills

Note: AED 50 Discount for the first 3 hours, AED 80 for each succeeding hour
Registration Download Flyer

  • The Simulator provided an excellent hands on experience with real feel

    – Dr. Soha

  • Practical hands on Training was Perfect

    – Laparoscopy

    September 2015

  • Hands on, Practical, Team work & friendly Environment

    – Laparoscopy

    September 2015

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