Dr.Yu-Hao Huang, MD– Meet the Experts at FGMES 2016


Yu-Hao Huang, MD, is a board certified Plastic Surgeon in Taiwan with well-training in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at Kaohsiung Medical University. He is currently the Vice Director of Charming Institute of Aesthetic and Regenerative Surgery, a member of the Taiwan Society of Plastic Surgery (TSPS) and also a member of International Society of Plastic & Regenerative Surgery (ISPRES).
For several years, he has focused on the research and clinical studies of Micro-Autologous Fat Transplantation (MAFT), an innovative instrument-based lipofilling technique, with the Inventor of MAFT-Gun, Dr. Tsai-Ming Lin. He is also working extensively on research of improvement in fat grafting techniques and regenerative surgery. He has published several scientific papers of clinical applications of fat grafting and general plastic surgery in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal, Aesthetic Surgery Journal and also Annals of Plastic Surgery Journal.
In addition to regular speaking at almost every major Taiwan domestic cosmetic conference, he has recently lectured extensively in China, Vietnam, Belgium, Canada, and also the USA. As the advocator of MAFT concept and international instructor of MAFT technique, he has organized periodic training courses in Taiwan for years and often performed live surgery demonstrations.


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