Dr Gino Rigotti M.D. – Meet the Experts at FGMES 2016


Dr Gino talks to us about his new paper on Facial Rejuvenation and his clinical experience that showcases the benefits of fat injection on skin rejuvenation.

AAAM: Congratulations on your new paper being accepted in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal. Could you share with us what the paper is about?

Dr Rigotti: The publication is related to clinical experience of an Italian-Brazilian research team that I coordinated, approved by the Ethnical Committee of the Health Ministry of Brazil. We compared the quality of the skin on patients before and after fat injection All the patients were operated in Brazil Rio de Janeiro by Dr. Sa and Ferreira Gontijo de Amorim. The  histological and ultrastructural analysis with electron microscopy was performed in Italy, Verona. The research was performed  on 20 patients, of which we compared preliminary results of 8 patients. 

  • President, International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery ( ISPRES ).
  • Inventor, Rigottomies 2D and 3D Breast Augmentation/ Reconstruction Technique.
  • Head of Lipotech Department ( Fat Related Surgical and Clinical Technologies ), San Francesco Hospital, Verona, Italy.
  • Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, University of Turin.
  • Board Certified in Space and Aeronautical Medicine, Univeristy of Rome



AAAM: What is so special about Facial Rejuvenation? 

Dr Rigotti: We selected 20 patients candidate for a face lift. Three months before the surgery we took a portion of the preauricular skin that represented the base line. Nearby we injected fat. Three months later, during the execution of the face-lift we took the portion of the skin where previously fat was injected and we compared this with the portion of skin taken three months before (base line).

AAAM: What are the results/discoveries?

Dr Rigotti: We found the transformation of old elastic fibre into new and much younger elastic fibre. The elastic fibre was rejuvenated. Everything was mediated by an increasing of vascularization into deep dermal region.

That is the most important finding.  That means we really did rejuvenation of the skin, because the skin as before treatment should normally  make clear a situation elastosis, that means old elastic fibres, and after that old elastic fibres will transform into younger elastic fibres. That is the really surprising results of this skin rejuvenation.

Each of us, myself, Dr Sydney Coleman, and others found out that the aspect of the skin after fat injection is much younger. But nobody was able to prove the justification of this process.

AAAM: What does that mean to your patients and for future doctors and their patients?

Dr Rigotti: That means probably a different approach, because we are thinking to suggest the twelve patients  arrive at the age around 40  to do the fat injection in order to add rejuvenation. Probably, they can at least delay major surgical procedure like facelift.
It is a new indication, first way indicating that is possible to have
rejuvenation of the skin.  The consequence will be the a changing in surgical approach of the rejuvenation of the skin. 


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