Is CPR First Aid training essential at workplace?

Yes, it saves lives! We don’t need to emphasis how crucial it is, imagine you go under cardiac arrest and none of your colleagues are trained to perform CPR, sadly the chances of saving your life decreases drastically. There is also a chance of acute damage being done to your heart, brain and other vital organs even though you survive the torment.

If someone is trained in giving CPR first aid, they not only save the person’s life but also reduce the risk of any severe damage caused to your heart, brain or vital organs. CPR will help to keep your body oxygenated until the medical help arrives which will diminish any further risks.


It is an employer’s obligation to safeguard that they have ample trained First Aiders to accomplish their safety needs at all times. Mostly organizations are concerned with first aid because it is a legal requirement from Dubai Municipality, in order to renew their trade license or pitch for certain contracts. Whatever the reason maybe, it is always a good idea to get first aid training solely because it can save one’s life!

Visit to know how your organization can receive CPR First Aid Training!


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