Become a Master of Fetal Medicine with IBC Medical Services’ Masters Course!

Fetal Medicine is an exciting field that is rapidly expanding given the introduction of new technologies and techniques. The importance of being able to identify and manage high risk pregnancies is paramount and developing your knowledge in fetal medicine has become a necessity. Dating scans, fetal anomaly assessment and umbilical artery Doppler are all considered essential skills in the field and IBC Medical Services has recognised the need for high quality training to improve the techniques of the doctors it trains.

From the 29 th -30 th of September and the 1 st October 2016, IBC Medical Services is proud to be running modules 1 and 2 of the masters training in fetal medicine program. There will be comprehensive teaching on ultrasound in fetal medicine, with a systems based approach to fetal anomalies and discussion on topics such as multiples pregnancy and non-invasive prenatal diagnosis. As always, IBC Medical Services invites highly qualified speakers to teach on our courses and this course is no exception! Experienced British consultants will be sharing their expertise and leading practical sessions with both real patients and simulators.

IBC Medical Services is the only medical trainer in the UAE offering simulation training with ultrasound devices that give real time images, guided tutorials and allow you to work through simulated cases. You could have the opportunity to visualise the fetal heart yourself and perform tasks such as crown rump length and abdominal circumference. Previous delegates have testified that this state-of- the-art software, coupled with real patients and excellent teaching are what really makes this course a success.

For more information and to register for this opportunity please follow the link below;

Too good to be true? Join our course program and see for yourself.!

We’ll see you in the scan room!


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