Urogynaecology; women shouldn’t have to ‘learn to live with it.’

Understanding pelvic floor and bladder dysfunction in women is a key concept in gynaecology and forms the fundamentals of the urogynaecology specialty.  Its importance as a sub-specialty is widely regarded and providing the best treatments and techniques can greatly improve a Women’s quality of life. Issues such as stress incontinence are extremely common after child birth and there is no need for patients to suffer in silence. With the right training, you could have the skills to help this growing number of women.

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IBC Medical Services is happy to present a Masters Certificate in Urogynaecology with parts 1 and 2 running from the 13-14th and the 15th-16th of October respectively. We have also been able to secure training for the 3rd part of the course at NHS trusts in Lancashire, Southampton and Southport in the UK.  This valuable time in England will provide a full week of clinical observership, with the opportunity to sit in specialist clinics and see experts in action with patients. CME hours are also available for your own development, with 14 hours for part 1 and 13 hours for part 2.

A wide variety of aspects will be covered in the course including uroflowmetry, stress and urge incontinence treatment, complex case presentations and the principles of surgery for apical prolapse. The experienced British faculty will then guide you through some hands-on practical demonstrations and surgical techniques to help further develop your knowledge in urogynaecology. What better way to improve both your skills and your patient’s quality of life than to have practical teaching from experts in the field?

Further information and registration details can be found at the link below;


Don’t regret missing out!


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