The Most Established and experienced MRCP PACES courses in the Middle East, optimize your chances to pass in the first attempt

Dubai PACES is an intensive 3-day course specifically designed to prepare international candidates for the MRCP PACES exam. Unlike any other course in the Middle East, this course replicates the format followed in UK based PACES course but with a particular focus on the needs of international graduates.

Our PACES course is conducted in a hospital-like set up with real patients. Candidates get lots of hands on practice, exam conditions are replicated and all five stations are covered.


MRCP PACES-23-12-2017


Tips and Tricks to Passing MRCP PACES

Experienced MRCP PACES teachers

Refining clinical examination skills

Comprehensive overview major systems

Practical training examination skills

Mock examination pressure and simulation

Polishing presentation skills training & practice

History taking lectures and demonstration scenario

Communication lectures & simulation scenarios

Individual history & communication skills practice

Personal assessment, marking and advice

Reflective learning and looking forward

Teaching Paces courses since 2006, Course faculty led by:

Dr.Rajesh Thaman

MBBS(Lon), MD(Lon), FRCP(Lon),

Consultant Cardiologist BC

University HB, RCP Postgraduate Trainer,UK.

Upcoming MRCP PACES Course on 19 -21 January 2018 in Dubai, UAE

For registration:



Call: +971 56 5055289 / +971 56 5055290


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