Certificate in Urogynaecology

IBC Medical Services is glad to bring you this Certificate Course in Urogynaecology. The Urogynaecology course has two parts; Part 1 is the Certificate in Urogynaecology, and Part 2 which is Advanced Certificate in Urogynaecology, and Urodynamic Course as well.

This course is conducted by the most experienced British faculty from NHS trusts in Lancashire, Southampton and Southport in the UK. The Urogynaecology Training Course certificate is accredited by British University Hospital.


Dr. Mohsen Iskander with the delegates

The Urogynaecology Certificate Course aims to update the participants on the assessment, investigation and management of lower urinary tract and pelvic floor dysfunction in women.

This course consists of lectures, discussion of clinical cases, videos and practical workshops. The programme is varied delivered by renowned speakers from the UK with a lot of emphasis on the practical and technical aspects of management.

Urogynaecology Certificate Part 1 Course Content

The Certificate in Urogynaecology first day will cover Anatomy of continence and pelvic support, Physiology of Bladder Control, Aetiology and Epidemiology of Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic floor dysfunction, the impact of pregnancy on the pelvic floor, History and Examination including POPQ, Painful Bladder Syndrome, and Clinical Cases.

The second day will concentrate on Initial Management of the overactive bladder 1 (lifestyle changes, bladder retraining, physiotherapy, Management of the overactive bladder 2, The role of oestrogens in lower urinary tract function and dysfunction, Management of stress incontinence 1 (Pelvic floor exercises and devices), Management of stress incontinence 2 (Basic surgery – Tapes and Injectables), Pelvic Organ Prolapse 1 (Conservative management – including pessaries), Pelvic Organ Prolapse 2 (Basic surgical management – anterior compartment, Pelvic organ prolapse 3(Basic surgical management – posterior compartment), Pelvic organ prolapse 4 (Basic surgical management – uterine prolapse ),  and Clinical quiz.

This Urogynaecology Certificate Part 1 Course has 14 CME Points credits.

Advanced Certificate in Urogynaecology

Advanced Certificate in Urogynaecology Part 2 Course content

The first day of Advanced Certificate in Urogynaecology Course covers stress Incontinence – Which Operation and When to do it, Synthetic Mid-urethral tapes 1. Transobturator – Introduction, Video and Discussion, Synthetic Mid-urethral tapes 1. Transobturator – Introduction, Video and Discussion, Synthetic Mid-urethral tapes 2. Retropubic – Video and Discussion, Burch Colposuspension – Introduction, Video and Discussion, Burch Colposuspension – Introduction, Video and Discussion, Workshop 1 Practical Session: Synthetic tapes, Clinical Governance in Urogynaecology, Medical Ethics and valid consent.

The second day consists of Cystoscopy – Introduction, Videos and Discussion, Anterior Repair – Introduction, Video, Discussion, Posterior Repair – Introduction, Video, Discussion, Sacrospinous Fixation – Introduction, Video, Discussion, Workshop 3 Practical session WET LAB Injectables (Bulkamid), Workshop 3 Practical Session – Sacrospinous Fixation and Intravesical Botox, and Clinical and Medico Legal Considerations for the Use of Mesh in Urogynaecology.

This advanced Certificate course has 10.25 CME points credits.

Urodynamic Certificate Course

This Urodynamic course is a hands-on workshop training where the delegates learn the bladder, sphincters, urethra and Urodynamics.  The equipment for student are set up with a case studies therefore the video demonstrations are used for helping delegates to deeply understand Urodynamics. This Course is conducted by Dr. Mohsen Iskander and Dr. Simon Hill who are the most renowned faculty from the UK.

The delegates will learn how to set up the equipment, and perform urodynamic test, how to write urodynamics reports and more.

Urodynamic Certificate Course Content

Introduction to Urodynamics, (Urinary Diaries / MSU / QoL evaluation), Indications for Urodynamics, Principles of Urodynamics, setting up the equipment, and troubleshooting (Hands on), Video demonstration of urodynamics, Urethral Pressure Profiles, Interpreting Urodynamic Traces, Pitfalls in Interpretation and Troubleshooting, Report Writing for Urodynamics, Questions/quiz with marking

This Urodynamic Certificate Course has 4.5 CME points credits.

Learning Objectives

  • Improve your overall knowledge of Urogynaecology and female Urology
  • Understand the basic science of the subject such as anatomy and physiology
  • Be able to comprehensively assess, investigate and manage women with Urinary, Bowel and Sexual problems caused by pelvic floor dysfunction.

Who should attend

  • All Consultants and Specialists in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Urology
  • All Trainees in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Urology
  • General Practitioners
  • Doctors Preparing for postgraduate examinations such as MRCOG or Arab Board
  • Nurses and Physiotherapists with an interest in this field

Course faculty will be led by

Dr. Mohsen Iskander, the UK

Dr. Simon Hill, the UK

 Upcoming Urogynaecology Courses

Masters Certificate Training in Urogynaecology, Part 1 Course.

Masters Certificate Training in Urogynaecology advanced, Part 2 Course.

Certificate in Urodynamics. January 25th, 2018

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The Most Established and experienced MRCP PACES courses in the Middle East, optimize your chances to pass in the first attempt

Dubai PACES is an intensive 3-day course specifically designed to prepare international candidates for the MRCP PACES exam. Unlike any other course in the Middle East, this course replicates the format followed in UK based PACES course but with a particular focus on the needs of international graduates.

Our PACES course is conducted in a hospital-like set up with real patients. Candidates get lots of hands on practice, exam conditions are replicated and all five stations are covered.


MRCP PACES-23-12-2017


Tips and Tricks to Passing MRCP PACES

Experienced MRCP PACES teachers

Refining clinical examination skills

Comprehensive overview major systems

Practical training examination skills

Mock examination pressure and simulation

Polishing presentation skills training & practice

History taking lectures and demonstration scenario

Communication lectures & simulation scenarios

Individual history & communication skills practice

Personal assessment, marking and advice

Reflective learning and looking forward

Teaching Paces courses since 2006, Course faculty led by:

Dr.Rajesh Thaman

MBBS(Lon), MD(Lon), FRCP(Lon),

Consultant Cardiologist BC

University HB, RCP Postgraduate Trainer,UK.

Upcoming MRCP PACES Course on 19 -21 January 2018 in Dubai, UAE

For registration:

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What makes our courses different from our competitor courses

“Dr. Sameer says about Regional Anaesthesia”

IBC-MYRAG (Mid Yorkshire Regional Anaesthesia Group) Ultrasound Course is growing from strength to strength and is one of the most popular Regional Anaesthesia Course in the UK and also in Dubai, UAE!!

The 1st Dubai Ultrasound course was a runaway success, with delegates from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and other Middle East countries. The course was full, and the feedback was exceptional and had comments that the course was much better than similar courses run there. The hands-on element was really appreciated and gave the delegates much-needed confidence to start doing regional anaesthesia blocks.

regional anaesthesia 3

Techniques for Lower-Extremity Nerve Blocks

It is becoming a very sought after USGRA Course. The 2nd Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia Course would be held in Dubai on 18th & 19th August 2017.

There has been tremendous interest in USGRA for the past few years and is a powerful and useful technique in the armamentarium of Anaesthetists and Emergency Medicine doctors. We are very fortunate to have very keen and enthusiastic faculty with major interest and knowledge in USGRA, and we have made a programme to ensure that you do get a solid foundation to develop your skills in this important area.

regional anaesthesia 2

Techniques for Upper-Extremity Nerve Blocks

All the useful and necessary blocks are covered comprehensively by faculty, with vast experience in doing these blocks, and teaching on similar courses in the UK. The Royal College of Anaesthetists, London has kindly given 10 CPD credits, and its recognition for this course, and is recognised for EDRA. Ultrasound guidance for Vascular Access & Regional Anesthesia

Regional anaesthesia 1

This course is open to all Consultants, middle grades, and trainees in Anaesthesia and Emergency Medicine.

AAAM – July’017

Good Day.

Masters Training Certification in Colposcopy and Lower Genital Tract Disease Course – 18-20 May, 2017 Dubai – UAE

colposcopy 18-04-2017 new

Our Colposcopy Course is accredited by BSCCP, NHS and CME approved. It is also recognsied by the EFC (European Federation For Colposcopy). This Colposcopy course offers an excellent opportunity for delegates specially gynaecologists, pathologists, GU physicians and colposcopy nurse practitioners. It is relevant to medical and nursing staff that wish for exposure in Colposcopy and lower genital tract diseases without any limit. The Masters certification consists of 3 levels, namely Basic (Level1), Intermediate (Level 2) and Advanced (Level 3), with the first 2 being held in Dubai and the last run as a 1 week clinical observership at Whittington Hospital in London, UK.Each level has its own certification so Doctors can complete as many stages as they wish. Overall, the course is designed to give delegates the opportunity to progress from learning about the pathophysiology behind CIN to practical application of this knowledge in hands-on sessions.
Our Colposcopy course focuses on Management of lower genital tract diseases and cancer of cervix. our aim in Colposcopy training is to enhance delegates core knowledge and develop their practical competence in Colposcopy and Management of lower genital tract diseases and cancer of cervix through interactive sessions as well as hands on training sessions.
Colposcopy Course is tailored to current relevant topics which include diagnosis and treatment of PreCancer ( Cervix) , Pathophysiology of CIN, HPV and its Clinical use, Non malignant cervical disease and more. Our Masters Training Certification in Colposcopy & Lower Genital Tract Diseases is definitely valuable for medical professionals who wish to become experts.

Basic Level 1 Course May 18-20 – 19.5 CME Credit Hours offered

Intermediate Level 2 Course May 21-22 – 13 CME Credit Hours offered
Excellent opportunity for delegates!
Get More Information: http://bit.ly/2lIA4tn
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