Masters Training Certification in Colposcopy and Lower Genital Tract Disease Course – 18-20 May, 2017 Dubai – UAE

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Our Colposcopy Course is accredited by BSCCP, NHS and CME approved. It is also recognsied by the EFC (European Federation For Colposcopy). This Colposcopy course offers an excellent opportunity for delegates specially gynaecologists, pathologists, GU physicians and colposcopy nurse practitioners. It is relevant to medical and nursing staff that wish for exposure in Colposcopy and lower genital tract diseases without any limit. The Masters certification consists of 3 levels, namely Basic (Level1), Intermediate (Level 2) and Advanced (Level 3), with the first 2 being held in Dubai and the last run as a 1 week clinical observership at Whittington Hospital in London, UK.Each level has its own certification so Doctors can complete as many stages as they wish. Overall, the course is designed to give delegates the opportunity to progress from learning about the pathophysiology behind CIN to practical application of this knowledge in hands-on sessions.
Our Colposcopy course focuses on Management of lower genital tract diseases and cancer of cervix. our aim in Colposcopy training is to enhance delegates core knowledge and develop their practical competence in Colposcopy and Management of lower genital tract diseases and cancer of cervix through interactive sessions as well as hands on training sessions.
Colposcopy Course is tailored to current relevant topics which include diagnosis and treatment of PreCancer ( Cervix) , Pathophysiology of CIN, HPV and its Clinical use, Non malignant cervical disease and more. Our Masters Training Certification in Colposcopy & Lower Genital Tract Diseases is definitely valuable for medical professionals who wish to become experts.

Basic Level 1 Course May 18-20 – 19.5 CME Credit Hours offered

Intermediate Level 2 Course May 21-22 – 13 CME Credit Hours offered
Excellent opportunity for delegates!
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IBC Medical Services conducted its 25th Certification Course in Laparoscopy (BASIC – INTERMEDIATE) on 05-09, May 2016 at Grand Excelsior Hotel, Dubai; UAE. The delegates were from GCC & Indian subcontinent countries who attended a 5 day full practical training course with a thrust on Knotting & Suturing Techniques where they received 27.5 CME Credit Hours from Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

The course faculty consisted of an International Eminent Speaker from UK & India. The first day was an overview of laparoscopy surgery consisting of demonstration & presentation along with lab exercises. The delegates received a decent understanding on abdominal access techniques with hands-on training in laparoscopy instrumentation. Lab Exercises consisted of 4 Levels wherein Level 1 Exercises aimed to improve eye-hand coordination & helped participants to gain control over depth perception.


The next couple of days all delegates acquired an insight to tissue approximation, knotting & suturing, CO2 related issues through lab exercises conducted during the Certification Course in Laparoscopy. IBC Medical services is the only simulation center in the Middle East having eight laparoscopy towers where the delegates got a hands-on practice of Monopolar & Bipolar Electro Surgical dissection on tissue,  Abdominal Access Technique & Camera Holding through our workshop training.

On the last day, the faculty covered complications in laparoscopic surgery with lab practice and a Fine Tuning in Hysteroscopy and Suturing. The day ended with a Question and Answer and certification for the Laparoscopy course with free practice for all the delegates on our eight laparoscopy towers.

We like to congratulate all the delegates for getting certified & the faculty for conducting our 25th Certification course in Laparoscopy.

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